The Tailored Team

Hi there! WELCOME to The Tailored Market.

I am Kallie and I hope as soon as you found us you felt like there was something different brewing in the air here, because my hope is The Tailored Market is just that...DIFFERENT. Anybody can offer you clothes, but I am hoping to offer you SO MUCH MORE than a cute outfit! Sit down, snag a cold drink from the fridge and let me tell you a story about how this all came to be and the WHY behind it all…

In June 2011, I started my recovery journey from Anorexia. I was 29 at the time and a mom to 2 little boys. My life looked really beautiful to those looking in, but what was in my heart and mind at the time was anything but. I HATED myself. I know hate is a pretty strong word, but my feelings were also pretty strong and ugly. I will never forget my first day in therapy, sitting on the couch, crying the ugly cry for an hour straight to a therapist I had just met. I don't remember a lot about that day to be honest, but I do remember walking out of there finally feeling understood. Finally understanding all the things I hated about myself could be change by changing my mind and my habits. I remember feeling HOPE. Hope for good things to come- it had been so long since I had felt anything but feeling those feelings felt good!

While I was in recovery I learned a lot of life lessons. Things I hope to carry with me all my days. One of those tender lessons was learning to love myself and see myself clearly. Changing the way my brain thought was hard work and I had to learn to call out the lies our culture teaches us about appearances and worth. I learned I had so much more to offer the world than just an object to be looked at. Once I found myself, it became my mission to help women & girls make some of the changes I did. And with my brave face on I spread my wings and flew in whatever direction I wanted. In 2013 I started a blog with a friend called Smitten By and from there my voice became stronger and louder in regards to body image and learning to love ourselves. I started hosting Body Love retreats to share all the lessons I learned. I was public speaking a lot and doing everything I could to get my message to women and girls. I know I might not change the world, but I can change the world for someone else. I believe that. Smitten kinda faded out for me as life happened and I went from having 2 kids to 5 and for a bit I just focused on being a mom.

2016 did my family and I no favors and I was happy to see it go, but it left us with some heavy medical expenses and I found myself looking for some kind of job to help pay those things off. I searched and searched and nothing felt right. I tried to make myself dive into things like Rodan+Fields but for whatever reason I could never give it my heart in a genuine way. I looked into becoming a Shop Stevie Rep, but we didn't have the money to justify the cost, but it was the first thing I had gotten excited about.

Fast forward to January 2017.

I was talking to my mama about job hunting and how I felt frustrated because I wanted to do something, but wasn't having much luck. She reminded me of  the Shop Stevie idea and how excited I was. She said "Instead of doing Shop Stevie why don't you start your own thing? Take what money you can and just start it." From there the ideas and inspiration behind this came to life.

There first thing that fell into place is the name The Tailored Market. It is not just some random name I came up with. There is a story behind the name and it also stems back to my recovery days. While in treatment I was told a story about a lady from Ghana who came to the United States and within 5 years of living here she has developed an eating disorder. People wanted to understand why moving here drastically changed how she viewed herself so they dug into it. One of the conclusions they came to was our culture. In Ghana she had a Tailor come to her house and measure her body for HER clothes. She was never measured to anyone else's body but only to herself. She came to America and suddenly had to walk into a store and try and "fit" her body into a mold so to speak. She suddenly realized everything wrong with her body- her hips and thighs were just too big in America.

For whatever reason this stuck with me. We talk a lot about not fitting into the mold in terms of our personalities & characteristics- we even encourage it! However, there is not a lot of talk about not fitting the mold when it comes to our bodies. It is the norm to diet, alter our bodies in whatever way and means we can and still complain about and talk trash on our bodies and the way they look. We chase the golden ticket- if I lose 10lbs I will be happy and buy some clothes and swim with my kids and live the life I dream of. I hear this a lot...hell I do it a lot myself but I fight every day not to. But I don't want you to be that person here. I don't want the number on the scale or the one on the waist of your pants to dictate the life you live. I want you to come here and be YOU- in whatever state that is!

I want The Tailored Market to be a place where we all FIT. A place where those big hips, and nonexistent chests are accepted. Where a size is just a number and not a reflection of who you are and what you offer the world. A place where body shame gets a big ol' slap in the face and a more authentic you comes out to LIVE this life. I guess I want to be a Tailor of sorts- the one who doesn't tell you what is wrong with you, but quietly, piece by piece helps you accentuate the things that make you stand out.

Here we expect you to...

Welcome to The Tailored Market- A clothing boutique Tailored to YOU!